The program for the 2019 Festival is summarised below in chronological order. Hard copy programs will be available for sale at the Festival Office and a PDF version can be downloaded here. Don’t forget to make use of the fantastic YFF App to access the program on iOS and Android devices.



7.30pm Grooveyard Hammond ComboStar Hotel


4.00pmLuke RobinsonStar Hotel
5.00pmMonique ClareStar Hotel
6.00pmMontgomery ChurchStar Hotel
6.30pmTinmanPublic Hall
6.45pmStreet ParadeHigh Street
6.45pmDean HaitaniMarquee
7.00pmGenevieve ChadwickStar Hotel
7.00pmWelcome to country / Festival OpeningStreet Stage
7.15pmBush DanceStreet Stage
7.30pmClaire Anne TaylorPublic Hall
7.45pmMarcia HowardMarquee
8.00pmGrooveyard Hammond ComboStar Hotel
8.30pmNicky BombaPublic Hall
8.45pmRed Tail RingMarquee
9.00pmPete DenahyStar Hotel
9.30pmSaoirsePublic Hall
9.45pmZ-Star DeltaMarquee
10.00pmThe Royal High JinxStar Hotel
10.30pmFred Smith BandPublic Hall
10.45pmThe Go SetMarquee
11.00pmAll Strings AttachedStar Hotel

Saturday Day

8.30amYoga Loves Music – YogaMarquee
8.30amPoets BreakfastStreet Stage
9.30amTricky Troy Children’s Magic ShowStreet Stage
10.00amWhitedogStar Hotel
10.00amNathan PowerMarquee
10.15amMelissa Crabtree with Dayan KaiPublic Hall
10.15amLeah JeskieGraces Place
10.15amRosie Haden and Greg HoepnerSt James
10.30amForgotten LandClarence Room
10.30amYouth Acts for the morningStreet Stage
10.45pmJoel HaveaCourt House
11.00amMajaStar Hotel
11.15amDana SiposPublic Hall
11.15amThe Jam Tarts TrioSt James
11.15amLuke Robinson Graces Place
11.30amThe Go Set AcousticClarence Room
11.45amEddie ColeCourt House
NoonTom RichardsonStar Hotel
NoonFred Smith BandMarquee
12.15pmRichard GilewitzPublic Hall
12.15pmDean HaitaniSt James
12.15pmWhitedogGraces Place
12.30pmMontgomery ChurchClarence Room
12.30pmThe Humbuckin’ PickupsStreet Stage
12.45pmPaige BlackCourt House
1.00pmGenevieve ChadwickStar Hotel
1.00pmPete  DenahyMarquee
1.15pmEnda KennyPublic Hall
1.15pmMezz ColemanSt James
1.15pmJoel HaveaGraces Place
1.30pmMaja Clarence Room
1.45pmThe MaesCourt House
2.00pmGrooveyard Hammond ComboStar Hotel
2.00pmThe SettlementMarquee
2.15pmThe Neon EffectPublic Hall
2.15pmCat and ClintSt James
2.15pmRosie Haden and Greg HoepnerGraces Place
2.30pmPans on FireStreet Stage
2.30pmMelissa Crabtree with Dayan KaiClarence Room
2.45pmDana SiposCourt House
3.00pmMarissa Quigley and Her Sunday BestStar Hotel
3.00pmRed Tail Ring Marquee
3.00pmThe Shed Bands – though to 7.30pmStreet Stage
3.15pmSaoirsePublic Hall
3.15pmTom RichardsonSt James
3.15pmTom YatesGraces Place
3.30pmMezz ColemanClarence Room
3.45pmRichard GilewitzCourt House
4.00pmZ-Star DeltaStar Hotel
4.00pmThe Frank Burkitt BandMarquee
4.15pmBlack Orchid StringbandPublic Hall
4.15pmMontgomery ChurchSt James
4.15pmThe Jam Tarts TrioGraces Place
4.30pmEnda KennyClarence Room
4.45pmThe Neon EffectCourt House
5.00pmAll Strings AttachedStar Hotel
5.00pmHello Tut TutMarquee
5.15pmMarcia HowardPublic Hall
5.15pmMonique ClareSt James

Saturday Night

7.00pmEarth Hour ConcertPublic Hall
7.00pmMarissa Quigley and Her Sunday BestMarquee
7.15pmNathan PowerStar Hotel
8.00pmNicky BombaMarquee
8.30pmThe Frank Burkitt BandPublic Hall
8.15pmThe SettlementStar Hotel
9.00pmZ-Star DeltaMarquee
9.15pmThe Humbuckin’ PickupsStar Hotel
9.30pmThe MaesPublic Hall
10.00pmAll Strings AttachedMarquee
10.15pmThe Royal High JinxStar Hotel
10.30pmClaire Anne TaylorPublic Hall
11.00pmThe Go SetMarquee
11.15pmHello Tut TutStar Hotel


8.30amYoga Loves Music – YogaMarquee
8.30amPoets BreakfastThe Street Stage
9.00amEcumenical Service all denominations Memorial Gardens
9.30amLuke RobinsonSt James
10.00amPaige BlackStar Hotel
10.00amThe Shed Youth VenueThe Street Stage
10.00amMatt McIntyre Marquee
10.00amLeah JeskieClarence Room
10.15amGenevieve ChadwickCourt House
10.30amNathan PowerMarquee
10.30amEddie ColeSt James
10.30amTom YatesGraces Place
11.00amCat and ClintStar Hotel
11.00amDean HaitaniClarence Room
11.15amMelissa Crabtree with Dayan KaiCourt House
11.30amMaja St James
11.30amThe SettlementMarquee
11.30amForgotten LandGraces Place
11.30amPans on FireStreet Stage
12 NoonYackandandah Community ChoirPublic Hall
12 NoonThe Humbuckin’ PickupsStar Hotel
12 NoonWhitedogClarence Room
12 NoonYackoustic CompetitionStreet Stage
12.15pmSaoirseCourt House
12.30pmEnda KennyMarquee
12.30pmThe Neon EffectSt James
12.30pmRosie Haden and Greg HoepnerGraces Place
1.00pmRyan O’shea Irish DancersPrimary School
1.00pmRed Tail Ring Star Hotel
1.00pmBlack Orchid StringbandPublic Hall
1.00pmRichard GilewitzClarence Room
1.15pmMarcia HowardCourt House
1.30pmThe Royal High JinxMarquee
1.30pmThe Jam Tarts TrioSt James
1.30pmUPENDO ChoirStreet Stage
1.30pmEddie ColeGraces Place
2.00pmDana SiposPublic Hall
2.00pmMarissa Quigley and Her Sunday BestStar Hotel
2.00pmMonique ClareClarence Room
2.15pmLeah JeskieCourt House
2.30pmThe Frank Burkitt BandMarquee
2.30pmGordon MullenSt James
2.30pmTom YatesGraces Place
3.00pmClaire Anne TaylorPublic Hall
3.00pmCat and ClintStar Hotel
3.00pmPaige BlackClarence Room
3.15pmMezz ColemanCourt House
4.00pmFred Smith BandPublic Hall
4.00pmPete DenahyStar Hotel
5.00pmThe MaesPublic Hall
5.00pmHello Tut TutStar Hotel 
6.00pmJoel HaveaStar Hotel