We are very proud of our festival and its history. This page is a work in progress dedicated to sharing the evolving story of the Festival.

The Festival Logo – Phoebus

Kirsten Coates, an early organizer of the festival, sat down with Jacqui Melbourne, a local graphic artist, and they designed the logo together. We wanted a person – preferably asexual that embodied the music and dance element of the first festival. Our dancing person was handed a guitar and a tambourine and a half circle of bunting flags was added flowing behind the figure which we thought gave it the feel of moving forward. Kirsten cut and paste the hand drawn image, we photocopied it and then turned it into a jpeg file – available for our first letterhead and program.

Sandra Bros made the white tissue paper and cane sculptural representation that hung behind the performers on the main stage, we called her Bright Phoebus from a song that we learnt the first year of the Folk Festival Choir and somehow our asexual figure became a she. Bright Phoebus hung for many years at the main stage but the sculpture came to an untimely end.

Over the years, Phoebus has appeared on the Folk Festival t-shirts with subtle differences – one time she was printed from a lino cut – but the image has stayed fairly constant for promotional material. She lost her bunting and became much more animated and colourful with outstretched limbs and arched back.

In 2014 Phoebus continued her evolution, and the original design was revisited to create the logo that adorns the poster, program and website in 2014.

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