Performer Applications for the 2018 Yackandandah Folk Festival are now closed

Before completing your application please read the following guidelines as a suggestion to assist you in your application.

  • All festivals cry poor. In Yackandandah our population is under 800 people so we are poorer than most, and yes as with most other festivals we are run totally by volunteers. Boy life can be tough, but we are giving you an outlet for your music. You at least make some money while we work all week end.
  • Please remember to mail a CD if you have not previously applied or your last application was more than 5 years ago.
  • Keep your fees at a reasonable level, if you want a big festival fee, apply to a big festival. Also please indicate if your fees are negotiable, as we have a special file for non negotiable very high fees call a bin.
  • John Butler would even have to haggle, but if you are free that weekend John we would love to have you here.
  • All performers will be either billeted or have a free camping space reserved. We cannot guarantee billets for families of performers, particularly last year as we had a whole tribe out there with one group. There is unlimited free camping for families.
  • Performers get free tickets. Wives, spouses, partners (or all 3 if you are game) get a heavily discounted ticket (last year $50). Managers and general hangers on get a subsidised ticket. Children under 16 are free.
  • If you have an essential nanny etc, please tell us in the application as we hate surprises at the contract stage. It gets a bit busy at that time.
  • Unfortunately we cannot accept EPK or pure electronic applications. As you may remember reading above, we are a small festival in the sticks and a carrier pigeon is faster than our email. Being a group of 7 volunteers, the applications will be listened to in the car, at, home, or even at work if the boss is not looking. If you have 3 or 4 special tracks to nominate to highlight your show, please indicate as a 20 track demo CD can be heavy going. One CD is enough.
  • You have around a 10% chance of being selected, so if you have missed before please do not feel disheartened. Our most difficult job is “no thanks”.
  • Workshops and volunteering for a couple of hours as a MC or stage manager can be advantageous.
  • As we usually get a last minute rush, you have a better chance of a good review the earlier you submit your application. Anything before 1st August will get an elephant stamp.
  • Successful performers will be notified in November.