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Opening parade

Celebrate Something Special!
6.30pm Friday 23 March 2018, High Street

Join us in celebrating the 21st wonderful year of the Yackandandah Folk Festival.

Full parade details and inclusions to be announced shortly.


Waste Reduction

A big focus for the 2017 Festival is waste reduction. Please help us with this goal by bringing your own re-usable water bottles, coffee cups and cloth bags, refusing one-use plastic packaging & bags, and ensuring waste is disposed of in the appropriate bins. Read more about our green initiatives here.


Planning for the 21th Yackandandah Folk Festival in 2018 is well and truly underway and we need your help! If you’d like to volunteer for the festival, please register here or contact Louise Kaye-Smith 02 6027 1742 for more info.

Yack Folk Festival goes Solar

We’ve teamed up with Yackandandah Community Development Company (YCDCo) to fund 3kW of their 12kW yEnergy solar installation. Located onsite at the community owned Yackandandah Farm and Fuel outlet, the Folk Festival’s contribution will generate enough renewable energy to offset the electricity usage of the festival. The permanent installation is believed to be an Australian first for Folk Festivals. We’re proud to be taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and continuing to host a great weekend of entertainment. These panels will indirectly neutralise the carbon emissions associated with the festival. This initiative was recently featured in the Border Mail’s Pulse section.